Chinese Medicine as well as Western somatic psychotherapy follow the same notion, that body and mind are a unit and the energy within is in a constant flow. Should, for whatever reason, this energy get stuck and out of balance, we can experience emotional tension, physical pain and stress. And if this continues – and we do not return to regulation –  it can turn into louder psychological and/or physical symptoms and even illness.

First warning signs could be agitation, digestive or sleep issues. We often don’t listen until we start suffering from more severe syndromes such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain or autoimmune issues etc.

My work is to help you become aware of your body and mind, learn to press pause and re-balance the energy in your system. It’s about reclaiming your power, listening to your inner voice, so that you can self-regulate and stay healthier for longer.



Everybody is individually unique, which is why I offer individual concepts. We take time in our initial talk to work out your specific needs and find the right approach for you. 

After I know your case history, I will custom-make your therapy plan and continue to adapt it after each session, according to your progress.

My main tools are:

  • Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
  • Counseling & Mindfulness
  • Bodywork & neuro-sensory excercises

I focus on:

  • Stress (prevention & management)
  • Nervoussystem regulation
  • Body-mind-connection


It all started with my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 – I instantly knew I wanted to work with people and for people. At that time I was still working for a big publishing company here in Berlin, heading the rights department and dealing with international clients to publish our German authors. Although I had a great time in the book world, eventually I realised it was time to turn a new page.

In 2017 I took a foundation course for medicine and dove into the world of healing. In 2018 I passed my state exam licensing me to work with complementary therapy. I specialised in Chinese Medicine/acupuncture and studied other therapy forms such as massage, nutrition and western herbs as well as burn-out treatment and prevention. Realising how essential it is to hold space with more tools and awareness in psychology, I studied psychological counselling in 2020 and continue to dive deeper into this field. So far I have trained with Savina Tilman, Vera Dreher, Alaine Duncan, Irene Lyon and Deb Dana. Combining Chinese Medicine with somatic psychology and nervous system regulation is my current focus of study and practice.

And of course, this is a life-long passion and path; I continue with frequent studies and courses to provide a truly holistic space for my clients.

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I offer a preliminary phone call, free of charge, to allow a first impression and answer any questions you and I have before we book a session.

Following that, if you feel I’m the right fit for your needs, the first session (case study incl. session) can last up to 90min and costs 140,- EUR.

Each follow up session (live or online) costs 90,- EUR.
Should you wish for a longer consultation, no problem. A 90min session can be booked and costs 140,- EUR.